Vichy Anti-Perspirant Deo 48H Spray 125 ml

A spray deodorant that prevents perspiration and unpleasant odors and maintains freshness that lasts for 48 hours



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Vichy Anti-Perspirant Deo 48H Spray 125 ml 

Vichy Deodorant Spray for both men and women gives you long-lasting freshness.
It is designed to suit people who sweat a lot, as it provides up to 48 hours of protection.
Vichy deodorant contains aluminium salts that reduce the amount of sweat very efficiently.

Active ingredients:
Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Dimethicone.

The benefits of deodorant spray:
- Controls excessive sweating in women and men.
- Maintains a fresh scent all day long.
- It gives you 48 hours of antiperspirant odor protection.
-Contains Hypoallergenic formula.
- Free of alcohol and paraben.

How to use deodorant spray:
- Use daily on clean, dry skin.

More information:
- Do not expose the spray to a temperature exceeding 50°C.
- Do not spray it on a flame.

Made in:

125 ml

Store at room temperature
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