Veet Wax Strips For Bikini & Underarm For Sensitive Skin 16 Pcs + 4 Wipes

These are wax strips for the underarm and bikini areas that remove even the finest hair and provide your skin with hydration and softness for up to 28 days.

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Veet Wax Strips For Bikini & Underarm For Sensitive Skin 16 Pcs + 4 Wipes

Veet wax strips for the Bikini & Underarm enable you to have soft and hydrated skin that lasts up to 28 days.
The strips feature a precise design and ideal size that allows hair removal from small and sensitive areas.
They are formulated with a special gel “Easy Gel”, which grips the shortest hairs without sticking to the skin or causing irritation.
Moreover, the strips contain sweet almond oil, a well- known soothing and moisturizing oil, and are fragranced with blue cornflower.
With repeated use, Veet strips give you less and softer hair, resulting in up to 28 days of smoothness and beauty.

Active ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter

Veet Wax Strips benefits:
- They Give you softness that lasts for 28 days.
- Smooth skin texture.
- Remove hair in sensitive areas from the roots.
- Design for sensitive skin.

Benefits of Veet wax strips:
- Remove hair without causing irritation or redness.
- Hold hair tightly and remove even the shortest hair (up to 1.5 mm).
- Contain sweet almond oil that soothes the skin.
- Make hair softer and less dense after repeated use.

• More information:
- No need to rub the strips between the hands to remove their stickiness.
- Each tape can be used more than once until the tape loses its adhesion.
- The strips are scented.
- Not suitable for diabetics, the elderly and people taking oral retinoids.

Made in:

16 Pcs + 4 Wipes

Store at room temperature
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