VAGHEGGI Intensive Tan Accelerator 200 ml

Tan gel with a distinctive vanilla scent moisturizes the skin and gives you an attractive golden and shiny brown color



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Vagheggi Intensive Tan Accelerator 200 ml

Tan Gel with the distinctive smell of vanilla, it has a waterproof and fast-acting formula that gives you an attractive golden color and a shiny brown color.
Rich in Alpha Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Corn Oil, Arachis Hyuga Oil, Almond Peel Extract, Cola Seed, Octa-Peptide-5.
Alpha Bisabolol: It works to calm the irritation and redness of the skin as well as add softness to the skin.
Vitamin E: It has antioxidant properties that protect skin cells from free radicals and damage.
Corn oil: deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it softness and elasticity.
Arakis Hyuga (Peanut) Oil: Nourishes the skin to make it look more vibrant.
Almond peel extract: gives the skin a luminous golden color for an attractive look.
Kola seeds: interact with the skin's keratin to give the skin a distinctive bright brown color.
Octa-peptide-5: stimulates the production of melanin pigment.

Active ingredients:
Liana Extract, Vitamin E, Beta-Glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Alpha Bisabolol.

It gives you an attractive shiny brown and golden color.
Deeply moisturizes the skin.
Soothes irritation and redness of the skin.

How to use:
After applying the sunscreen, repeat the application of the product on the body.

Point of interest:
The long-acting, waterproof formula is unaffected by perspiration.
It does not contain SPF.
It is recommended to use sunscreen before using the product.
Avoid contact of the product with eyes and mucous membranes.
For external use only.

Made in:

200 ML

Store at room temperature.

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