Tena Bed Plus 60x90 cm 30 Pcs

A two-layered bed mattress that is designed for urinary incontinence patients to prevent fluids leakage



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Tena Bed Plus 60x90 cm 30 Pcs

The medical bed cover under pad from Tena provides you with protection for the bed from the leakage of various liquids.
under pad was designed to consist of two layers adjacent to the bed is a waterproof layer that prevents leakage.
As for the top layer, it is a cotton pad made of cellulose, which has a great absorbent capacity.
This bed pad is made of soft and gentle material that does not irritate the skin, providing comfort for patients and children.

The benefits of Tena under pad:
- Prevents fluid leakage into the bed.
- Keeps the bed clean.
- It can be used for bed, chair, etc.

How to use Tena under pad:
- Follow the directions on the Tena packaging.

More information:
- Allows the skin to breathe.
- Waterproof.
- It has a size: 60 x 90 cm.

30 pc

Store at room temperature

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