Rossmax Mesh Nebulizer NC200

A device that improves air breathing in children with respiratory diseases such as asthma



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Rossmax Mesh Nebulizer NC200

Rossmax Mesh Nebulizer is an inhaler made according to the latest technological developments as it works through mesh technology, it works by generating vibrations to convert the medication into a very fine mist that can be inhaled through a face funnel or a mouthpiece.
The portable mask from Rossmax improves the breathing process and helps ease breathing in people who suffer from respiratory disorders.
A device intended for use in cases of asthma, pulmonary embolism, and other respiratory diseases that require nebulizing medications during treatment.
It can be used at home or on the go as it is powered by batteries.

Consists of:
- Children's mask.
- On/off switch.
- air outlet
- Medicine cup.
- Mask
- 2 batteries.
- USB connection
- Mesh
- Mouthpiece

Rossmax device features:
• Batteries size: 1.5 AA
• Average evaporation rate: greater than 0.3 ml/min
• Particle size: less than 3 micrometers.
• Maximum capacity of medicine cup: 8 ml.

How to use:
• Put the medicine in its place (according to the dose determined by your doctor).
• Attach the mask to the medication container.
• Turn on the device through the power button.
• Put on the mask so that it covers the mouth and nose, then start inhaling the steam.
• This may take about a quarter of an hour or less.

• For personal use to avoid cross-infection.
• Avoid filling the medicine cup more than the maximum capacity.
• For use by children under adult supervision.
• Clean the parts of the device before and after use.
• Keep away from light and heat.
• Ensure that the mask is worn correctly and following the instructions provided.
• If the treatment requires the use of more than one type of medication, one after the other, you must ensure that the device is cleaned well after each use.

Made in:

Store at room temperature.
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