Rausch Avocado Shampoo 200 ml For dyed hair care

a special combination from natural herbal extract, that improves delay color fading and enhances hair freshness



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Rausch Avocado Shampoo 200mL:

Rausch shampoo contains a high proportion of natural extracts herbal ingredients that provide you with special hair care, mainly for colored hair (dyed).
It enhances delay color fading, also the potent combinations of Rauch shampoo play a vital role in shining hair and enhancing hair’s attractive appearance.

Active ingredients:
Avocado extract , Horsetail extract , , ,

• Prolong color brilliance.
• Keeps your hair fresh and healthy.

How to use:
Apply a suitable amount into a lather in your hands with water.
Then Carefully massage into wet hair and the scalp, After that rinse your hair well.

Point of interest:
• very gentle on skin.
• suitable for colored or high-lighted hair.
• Washing too frequently can dry hair out.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature

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