Puraelle Plus Feminie Foaming Wash 200 mL for intimate care

Intimate Cleansing Foam

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Puraelle Plus Feminie Foaming Wash - 200 ml
• The feminine foaming wash is specially formulated by referencing the “Principles and Practice Of Eastern Medicine” noting a mix of herbal extract essentially beneficial to women.
• This formula cleans the sensitive area and maintains a balance of ideal PH levels, suitable for the Intimate women's area, thereby sustaining the health and beauty of a woman.

Good to use in such time an occasion as:
• When taking a shower.
• A menstrual period.
• unpleasant smell.
• After swimming.
• Before and after sexual intercourse.

How To Use:
• Pump the suitable amount (1 or 2 times) of the foam wash, gently massage over the vulva, and then rinse thoroughly off with water.

Active Ingredients:
Paeonia lactiflora root extract , rhmannia chinensis root extract , angelica gigas root extract , cinidium officinale root extract , coconut oil.

200 mL

Dosage Form:

Stores at room temperature.

Made In:


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