Phyto Color 9 Very Light Blonde

A hair dye made with natural plant-derived pigments, giving your hair a rich natural blond color



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Phyto Color 9 Very Light Blonde 

Phyto hair color is a botanical that gives you a very light blonde color while preserving the softness of your hair.
Phyto hair color is designed to preserve the health of the hair fiber, as it is rich in botanical dyes derived from 5 plants.
In addition to the precious oils that nourish the hair roots, enhancing the light blonde color.
It also contains botanical extracts that soothe the scalp and prevent irritation.
Phyto hair color package includes a dye protective mask, a pair of gloves, a tube of dye, and a bottle of color developer.

Active ingredients:
Jujube Bark Extract, Botanical Pigments, Jojoba Oil, Monoi Oil, Paline TM (Or Oxidized Corn Oil

Benefits of Phyto Color:
- Give your hair a rich color.
- Maintain scalp health.
- It does not cause hair damage or breakage.

How to use Phyto Color:
- Follow the instruction on the packaging

More information:
- Dermatologically tested.
- Easy to use thanks to its gel texture.
- It does not contain ammonia.
- Avoid using hair dye if you have previously been allergic to one of its ingredients.

Made in: France.

Quantity: Hair color cream + 50 ml color developer.

Store at room temperature.

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