Phyto Color 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde

A Dark Golden Blonde hair color that gives you a rich, natural, and attractive color



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Phyto Color 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde

Phyto hair color is an ammonia-free hair color that gives you an intense and rich dark golden blonde color.
It contains 74% rich botanical dyes that contribute to nourishing the roots and ends of the hair.
Phyto hair color also gives hair a shiny and radiant appearance, being natural and free from ammonia which is harmful to hair.
Color: dark golden blonde.
Number: 6.3

Active ingredients:
Jojoba bark extract, Monoi Oil, Jojoba Oil, Epaline.

Phyto hair color features:
- Phyto hair color covers white color 100%.
- Gives you a long-lasting color.
- Contains natural dyes that do not cause hair damage.

Instructions for using Phyto hair color:
- Read the instructions on the package.
- Wear gloves before starting the dyeing process.
- If you suffer from a rash or a specific allergy to one of the - components of the dye, stop using the dye.
- Wait 30 minutes before washing your hair, and if you dye grey hair, wait 45 minutes.

More information:
- Ammonia- Free.
-Contains a mixture of five natural plants.
- Phyto color is safe and does not cause allergic reactions.

Made in:

1 Kit

Store at room temperature

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