Nebulizer Mask Kit For Pediatric Vantevis

An accessory pack for kids that provides the essential components for effective respiratory treatment

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Nebulizer Mask Kit For Pediatric Vantevis MD012

This Nebulizer Mask kit includes a child's mask, tube, and chamber.
You can use this kit as a spare part for your nebulizer.
This pack provides a comfortable fit and efficient delivery of medication.

Features of the Nebulizer Mask kit:
- Easy to use.
- Portable
-Provides all the necessary components.

Direction for use of the Nebulizer Mask kit:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- Intended for single person use.
- Not intended for reuse.
- Avoid exposing it to high temperatures or freezing it.
- Ensure the integrity of the delivery tube, medication chamber and mask before use.

one pack

Store at room temperature

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