Natures Bounty Vitamin C 500mg with Rose Hips 90 Chewable Tabs

Are Vitamin C chewable tablets with rosehip that support the immune system


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Natures Bounty Vitamin C 500mg with Rose Hips 90 Chewable Tabs 

- Nature's Bounty Chewable Vitamin C Tablets with rosehip promote a healthy immune system and support overall health.
- Where vitamin C supports the work of many functions in the body, which improves the immune system.
- It works to reduce the incidence of influenza and common colds and calms their severity in the event of disease.
- Vitamin C also increases energy in the body and provides the body with the energy needed to perform daily activities.
- These chewable tablets contain Rosehips that strengthen and support the immune system.
-Natures Bounty Chewable tablets come in a natural orange flavor and are suitable for vegetarians.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin C, Rosehip Fruit.

The benefits of Chewable Vitamin C Tablets:
- Supports immune system function.
- Prevent infection and colds.
- Strengthens the body's immune response to pathogens.
- Protects the body from various diseases.
- Increase activity and energy in the body.

Directions for use of vitamin C chewable tablets:
-Take one chewable tablet daily, preferably with a meal.

More information:
- Chewable Vitamin C Tablets are suitable for vegetarians.
- It does not contain dairy, soy, or wheat derivatives.
- Does not contain gluten or lactose.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Orange flavored and free of artificial flavor.
- Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Made in: USA.

Quantity: 90 Chewable Tabs.

Store at room temperature.

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