futuro back support

Support cushion pads help target sore and aching back muscles

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Futuro Back Comfort Stabilizing Support S/M 

Provides the extra support needed during running, workouts, and daily activities.
The adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, and the breathable fabric keeps out overheating and moisture providing all-day comfort.
It can be used for abdominal support, during vigorous activity, lower back support, moderate, episodic, or chronic pain, post-surgery, and during recovery.
Size information: (Measure around waist at navel).
Size: Small / Medium.
29.0 – 39.0 inches, 73.6 – 99.1 cm.
Color: Gray.

• Adjustable straps provide a personalized fit with suitable compression needs.
• Helps provide support to a stiff, strained, or aching back.
• Breathable materials enhance airflow to help keep skin dry.

How to wear:
Follow the instruction before use.

Points of interest:
• Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene or neoprene blend rubber.
• If a rash develops, discontinue use and contact a physician.
• Close fastener before washing, hand washes with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry.
• Don’t machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or use bleach or fabric softeners.
• If discomfort or pain results persist or increase, discontinue use and consult a physician.

1 piece.

room temperature.

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