Free Style Libre 2 Sensor

A Sensor to measure changes in blood sugar without using lancets or feeling pain

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Free Style Libre 2 Sensor

Free Style Libre 2 Sensor for measuring blood sugar With glucose alarms to know when your glucose level is high or low by your smartphone to keep you safe.
The device measures blood sugar level day and night for 14 days and stores readings As well as you can use your smartphone to take a quick scan to get a glucose reading with the sensor.
You can also use the FreeStyle LibreLink app to share your blood glucose results with your doctor or friends, making it easier to monitor changes in your blood sugar.
The app provides three optional glucose alarm systems, an alarm when your glucose is low, an alarm when glucose is high, and when disconnected and the sensor stop working.
The sugar sensor App provides a wide range of tones, so you can choose the tone for each alarm.

Free Style Libre 2 Sensor Features:
- Helps measure blood sugar without using lancets or feeling pain.
- Easy and convenient to use.
- Water-resistant, which makes it suitable for use during swimming or exercise.
- Small in size and you can wear it under clothes.
- It gives you accurate and fast blood sugar results.
- Suitable for use by adults and children.
- A safe way to track changes in your child's blood sugar level.

How to use:
- Download the FreeStyle LibreLink app to take a scan with your smartphone.
- To change the alarm tone through the main menu, select Alarm.
- Change it every 14 days.

Point of interest:
- It is recommended to replace the sensor every 14 days.
- Suitable for children from 4 years and older, adults, and pregnant women.

Made in:

2 piece

Store at room temperature

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