Fair & White Carrot Soap 200 g

Exfoliating soap with anti-inflammatory properties



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Fair & White Carrot Soap 200g

Exfoliating soap contains carrot oil that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps nourish and hydrate skin. The Apricot seed powder moisturizes skin and removes dead cells leaving behind a softer skin texture. It also contains beta carotin which has antioxidant properties, helps enhance skin health, and glycerin that increases skin hydration, and helps get rid of dryness.

• Exfoliates skin without drying or irritating.
• Cleanses and moisturizes.
• Soothes skin.

How to use:
Apply water to damp skin and form a rich lather with soap between hands; apply lather to clean face or body and massage gently for 1-2 minutes; rinse and pat dry.

All Active Ingredients:
CARROT OIL , Apricot seed powder , glycerin , ,

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach of children.

Stores at room temperature.

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