Ecrinal Nail Flexible Base Coat - For healthy nail

Strenghtens fragile nails damaged by the frequent use of nail polish



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Ecrinal Nail Flexible Base Coat - 10 ml

•ECRINAL Anti-Streak Basecoat smoothens and evens out irregularities in the surface of the nail.
•The nail is also covered with a protective layer that can protect from yellowing caused by colored polish.
•Finally, this polish protects the nail by providing tonics and protective elements against harmful factors.
•Pink Seaweed improves the strength and health of nails.
•Magnesium prevents the appearance of unsightly ridges on the nails, which can be caused by stress and/or poor diet.

•For Uneven, discolored and fragile nails with ridges.
•Promotes strength and prevents breakages.
•Improves the life of nail colours.
•Suitable for people under chemotherapy.

Active Ingredient:
Pink Seaweed , Magnesium , Calcium , Silicium , Resin Based.

Points Of Interest:
•Free from: formaldehyde, toluene,formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, parabens, gluten, acetone.

How To Use:
•Apply one to two coats depending on the desired effect to thoroughly cleansed nails. Allow it to dry.
•If you wish, you may then apply your Coloured ECRINAL Polish or ECRINAL Clear and Shiny Strengthening Topcoat.

Dosage Form:

10 ml

room temperature.

Made in:

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