Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener 10 ml

Repair and protect fragile, soft, and brittle nails



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Ecrinal Durcis. Nail Hardener 

•ECRINAL Penetrating Nail Strengthener: Restores and repairs soft split and weak nails.
•Improves the natural growth of nails by increasing their resistance to breakage.
•Penetrates the keratin and is invisible, no need to remove.
•ECRINAL Vitamin Nail Strengthener can harden, repair, and restructure impaired nails.
•It has a protective action against bacterial and fungal attacks.
•The growth, regrowth, and resistance of the nail are boosted.
•This hardener is completely invisible.
•Provitamin B5 can penetrate through the nail to moisturize, soften and protect, which is ideal for dry, damaged, and fragile nails.
•Methionine is an essential amino acid that helps strengthen nails and promote their development.

•Visible results as of 10 days.
•Restores and repairs soft and weak nails.
•Protects the nails from daily stress.
•Promotes healthy development.
•Invisible formula.

Active Ingredient:
Silk Lipesters , Provitamin B5 , Zinc , Methionine.

Points Of Interest:
•Free parabens.

How To Use:
•Apply once to twice a day for 10 consecutive days (or more if needed).
•Apply Vitamin enriched nail strengthener directly to bare nails.
•For very soft nails, you may then apply a coat of ECRINAL Clear and Shiny.

Dosage Form:

10 ml

room temperature.

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