Ecrinal Bitter Polish Stop Nail Biting 10Ml - Stop nail biting

Bitter varnish for nail biting



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Ecrinal Stop Vernis Amer - 10 ml

•ECRINAL bitter polish is completely invisible and prevents biting nails and skin around the nail thanks to its extremely bitter taste.
•It helps to reduce the risk of infection.
•The polish facilitates nail growth.
•It can be used for children as young as 3 years to prevent them from sucking their thumbs.
•Bitrex (Denatonium Benzoate) is the world's most bitter substance, which has proven effective in the control of nail-biting behavior.
•Panthenol can penetrate through the nail to moisturize, soften and protect, which is ideal for dry, damaged, and fragile nails.

•Bitter varnish for nail biting.
•Completely invisible.
•Stops nail/cuticle biting behavior.
•Deters children from thumb-sucking.
•Moisturizes and protects fragile nails.

Active Ingredient:
Denatonium Benzoate , Panthenol.

Points Of Interest:
•Do not use it on children under 36 months.

How to use:
•Apply a coat of Ecrinal Bitter Polish Enhanced Formula Stop Nail Biting to the nails once a day, or as often as necessary.

Dosage Form:

10 ml

room temperature.

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