Ecrinal Ampoules ANP 40 8*5mL - Anti-hair loss

Anti Hair Loss Ampoules



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Ecrinal Ampoules ANP 40- 8×5 ml

•The ECRINAL ANP 2+ Ampoules stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. These ampoules are A.N.P. 2+ concentrate, which stands for: Natural Dander Activator, an exclusively patented active ingredient by ASEPTA Laboratories made from vegetable oils.
•These vials constitute an anti-hair loss and fortifying treatment. They contain a high concentration in ANP 2+ and act on several causes causing hair loss.
•The ampoules prevent hair loss and revitalize weak and anemic hair.
•Hair becomes healthy, shiny, and strong.
•With a very high concentration (40%) in ANP (tricholipids – horse mane extract), this product has a truly regenerating effect on the hair and its roots.

• Stimulates Hair Growth.
• Slows Down Hair Loss.
• Regenerates the Hair Roots.
• Stimulates the Production of Keratin.

Active Ingredient:

Points Of Interest:
•Hair Loss Stopped or Reduced by 85% after 2 Months.
•Obvious Hair Re-growth in 67% after 4 Months.
•Distinct Improvement in Seborrhea in 91%.
•Increases hair growth and improves the firmness of the roots.
•Hair will be visibly stronger,thicker and recover its vitality.
•Nourishes and adds shine to the hair. Ideal for both men and women.

How To Use:
•Apply one ampoule onto the scalp, section by section, for maximum action on the roots. Massage slowly and gently into the scalp.
•Leave for 1/2 hour then follow with anp 2+shampoo.
•It is possible to leave the ampoule on overnight, wrapping hair in a towel to avoid staining the bedding.
•Shampoo the following morning.
•Apply one vial every other day for two months.
•Apply one vial every three days during the third month.

Dosage Form:

8×5 ml

room temperature.

Made in:

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