Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 125 mL to increase hair density

Stimulates hair growth and protects it from external factors that damaged it



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Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 125 mL 

Anti-hair loss lotion for men and women with a non-greasy texture helps to restore health and density to your hair.
It contains:
Viniferine: Reduces hair loss, moisturizes hair, makes hair soft & healthy.
vitamin B6: Helps to protect hair against aggressor external.
Piroctone olamine: Has anti-inflammatory action that helps to soothe irritation and itching.
Piroctone olamine also helps to stimulate hair regrowth.

• Anti-hair loss.
• Promotes hair growth.
• Protects hair.

Active Ingredient:
Viniferine, Piroctone olamine, vitamin B6.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach of children.
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes.

How to use:
• Apply 7 sprays to the dry scalp once a day for 6 weeks, preferably in the evening.
• For a further 6 weeks, apply 7 sprays, 3 times a week.
• Massage gently and do not rinse.
• If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly.

Dosage Form:

125 mL

room temperature.

Made in:

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