Credo Straight Tweezer 3

A hair tweezer with a unique design that helps to remove hair accurately and comfortably

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Credo Straight Tweezer 3

Credo Straight Tweezer is a high-quality 3-inch hair Tweezer, made of nickel-plated metal.
The tweezer has straight tips that allow them to remove hair, pluck eyebrows, remove splinters, or do any other tasks that require high precision.
Credo Tweezer is a durable and long-lasting tool as it is nickel-plated.
The tweezers provide precise control and ease of use for both professional and regular individuals for use at home.

Benefits of Credo Hair Tweezer:
- Guarantees long use as it is very durable.
- Compact size of 3 inches makes it easy to handle and carry.
- Provides precise control for personal use or by a professional beautician.
- Allows easy and painless hair removal.

Direction for Use of the Credo Tweezer:
• Follow the instructions on the Credo Tweezer's packaging.

More information:
• Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidents or injury.
• Do not use the tweezer on sensitive or inflamed skin to prevent irritation.
• Avoid excessive force when using the tweezer to avoid damaging the skin.
• Ensure the tweezer is clean and sanitized before each use to prevent infections.

Made in:

1 piece

Store at room temperature

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