Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 118 ml

A cleanser for normal and sensitive skin that keeps the skin clean, free of oils, makeup residue, and impurities, while keeping the skin moist and soft.



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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 118 ml

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, designed for normal and sensitive skin, offers comprehensive care with deep cleansing while maintaining the skin's moisture and softness.
This cleanser addresses five symptoms associated with dry and sensitive skin: a weak skin barrier, dryness, irritation, roughness, and tightness.
It provides gentle cleansing, removing impurities, makeup residue, and dirt without stripping away the skin's natural moisture.
Enriched with moisturizing glycerin, vitamin B3, and pro- vitamin B5, this formula nourishes and purifies the skin, leaving it smooth and free from impurities.

Active ingredients:
Hydrating Glycerin, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3.

Benefits of Cetaphil cleanser:
• Deeply cleanses the skin.
• Helps to get rid of makeup residue and sebum.
• Does not dry out the skin.
• Leaves the skin pure and smooth.

How to use:
• Apply an appropriate amount of cleanser to the skin, massage gently, then rinse with water.
• You can wipe the cleaner with a clean piece of cotton instead of rinsing it with water.

More information:
• Free of perfumes and soap.
• Does not cause clogged pores.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

Made in:

118 ml

Store at room temperature
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