Case Knee Brace Elastic Knitted M

Innovative design, Excellent comfort, Prevent and relieve knee pain



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Case Knee Brace Elastic Knitted KB 315 M
• Used in cases of Arthritis, Post-op, Protection, Calcification, Chronic Intra-articular fluid increase, Pain in the knee region, Popliteal region injuries and syndromes, ACL and PCL lateral and collateral ligament deformities.
• Material: Made of breathable, perforated, non-perspiring, flexible knitted fabric.
• Size: M

• Take action and prevent knee pain before it occurs.
• Optimize joint and muscle performance while preventing injuries.
• Provide extra support and protection needed to minimize risks and contribute to proper patella alignment.

How To Use:
• Read the instructions on the manual.

Points of interest:
• This medical instrument has been designed for single patient use.
• Make sure it does not block the blood flow.
• You should ask your doctor before use if you are allergic to polyester.

Washing instructions:
• Wash the product at 30C by hand wash.
• Do not use a washing machine.
• Dry the product on a towel.
• Do not use a dryer.

room temperature.

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