Case Elbow Crutch AL 11

Standard and Ergonomic Elbow Crutches, Multiple Sizes



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Case Elbow Crutch AL 11
• Lightweight anodized aluminum with adjustable grip and cuff height, also with push-button height adjustment and articulated arm cuffs for easy removal.

• The ergonomic handle allows you to keep your arm in a natural position and support yourself with minimal pressure on your elbow, Knuckle and shoulders.

• Each crutch is covered with a non-slip cover, non-marking rubber tip for added safety and security
• The arm cuff and handgrip are shaped as one piece for added stability and durability.
• The lightweight aluminum frame allows you to move around with ease.
• Suitable for partial use, restricted movement of one leg, inability to bear weight evenly, nervous disorders, or accidental fracture.

How To Use:
• Read the instructions on the manual.

How to store:
room temperature.

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