Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum 30 ml

A serum used to tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles, giving you a more youthful and vibrant complexion.



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Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum 30 ml

A serum from Bioderma helps improve the appearance of the skin by tightening it and reducing signs of aging, giving you a beautiful, healthier, and more vibrant complexion.
The serum contains hyaluronic acid, which fills and smooths fine lines, expression lines, and wrinkles, resulting in youthful, flawless skin.
Hyaluronic acid is also known for its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, providing intense hydration and protecting the skin from dryness that affects its health and radiance.
The formula of Bioderma serum also includes niacinamide, which has anti-aging properties and helps control excess oil production, preventing clogged pores and the appearance of blemishes.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide

• Bioderma serum provides anti-aging properties.
• It hydrates the skin for extended periods and protects it from dryness.
• It tightens the skin and makes it appear fuller.
• Bioderma strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier.

How to use:
• Apply about 5 drops in the morning and/or evening directly to the face and neck.

More information:
• For best results, use with other Bioderma products.

Made in:

30 ml

Store at room temperature

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