Albo Queen Vaginal Ovules 8

Female vaginal suppositories for cleaning and tightening, used after giving birth and menstruation .



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Albo Queen Vaginal Ovules 8 vaginal suppositories

Albo Queen is an effective, safe vaginal suppositories with a very potent natural active ingredients for treating vaginal problems. It has a broad anti-bacterial spectrum and it is used as antiseptic suppositories for women after childbirth and after the menstrual cycle.
Albo Queen help maintain PH value inside the vagina effectively. It acts effectively in treating all kinds of vaginal inflammation, reduce itching and helps keep the intimate area clean.
Albo Queen has an astringent effect, and instant tightening effect.
It contains saffron that works as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, Propolis has a potent anti-microbial effect and it is considered the strongest natural anti-candida and have effective healing action, and beside the anti-inflammatory effect of the Aloe vera it helps moisturize the tissue to accelerate healing and have tightening effect that help in shrinking the wall of the vagina and increasing the skin elasticity.

• Helps keep the intimate area clean.
• Used after childbirth and after the menstrual cycle.
• Kill pathogenic microorganisms.
• Maintain PH value inside the vagina.
• Treating all kinds of vaginal inflammation.
• Astringent effect.
• Instant tightening effect.
• Effective healing action.

How to use:
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after using this medication.
Put one suppository into the vagina every two days.
While you are putting into the vagina, lie on your back, raise knees and gently insert the suppository with your finger and push into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
To use at night is recommended.

All Active Ingredients:
Saffron , Propolis , Aloe vera , ,

Points of interest:
• Use at night.
• Avoid usage with other vaginal suppositories.
• Store at cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

room temperature.

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