Active Line SF Iron 60 Tabs

Iron used to produce red blood cells for preventing and treating anemia.


Active Line

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Active Line SF Iron 60 Tabs

- Iron is a mineral essential for life.
- It is present in every living cell and is necessary for the production of hemoglobin , myoglobin, and certain enzymes.
- Iron deficiency can cause weakness, inability to concentrate, the susceptibility to infection, impaired performance, and in general, ill health.
- Other people at risk of iron deficiency include people on diet , vegetarians and athletes.
- Iron is necessary for proper metabolization of B vitamins.
- Vitamin c enhances absorption of iron.

benefit or use :
• For anemia.
• For immune system.
• For respiratory system
• For energy and mental acuity.
• For normal growth and developmen.

One tablet daily.

How To Storage:
room temperature.

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