Accu Fine 0.25mm (31G) *6mm 100'S

Painless, easy to use insulin pen needles

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Accu Fine 0.25mm (31G) *6mm 100'S For Insulin Pens

• The insulin pen needles from Accu Fine provide a gentle injection as well as particularly safe and practical handling.
• It offers less pain with higher insulin flow and less effort required. And it can be used with all common insulin pens.

•Insulin pen needles Penetrates the skin without pain.
• High insulin flow.
• Less effort required.

How to use:
• As directed.

Points of interest:
•Accu fine Needle size: 0.25mm (31G) *6mm.
• Sterile needle tip ensures safe use.
• Make sure to change injection sites regularly.
• Accu fine needle must be changed after every use.
• Clean your finger before use.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in: Ireland.

Quantity: 100 Needles.

Store at room temperature.
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